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Ready to lose weight, get fit, Look, Feel and Live Great? You’re in the right spot!

Lose Fat, Build Muscle,Transform your physique and life, with 3 short workouts each week!

The Live Great Fitness Quick Fit Guide is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to start exercising correctly, so you SEE RESULTS!

If you’re new to exercise or failing to see results from your current workout, the Quick Fit Guide is for you.

It removes the confusion, SIMPLIFIES exercise, and ensures you’re exercising correctly, so you SEE RESULTS!! No more working hard only to be looking and feeling the same.


The Quick Fit Guide is built around 4 Cornerstone Movements

EVERY exercise you need to lose weight and build muscle is built around 1 of these Cornerstone Movements. Mastering the Cornerstone Movements transforms exercise from complex to simple. Something anyone can do!

Walk into ANY gym and you’ll find people performing these movements WRONG! The Quick Fit Guide ensures you don’t make these mistakes and your hard work delivers results!

Here’s what you get

4 Complete Workout Routines

  • Complete novice, or a gym rat? There’s a workout for any fitness level.
  • 3-4 Workouts each week. Burn fat and build muscle in 45 minutes or less!
  • Tried and true! I use these workouts with current clients and myself.

Video Descriptions of the Cornerstone Movements

 • A breakdown of each Cornerstone Movement. Do it right, see results, it’s that simple.

•Workouts become  EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE. No wasting hours on the treadmill!

•I address common mistakes so you don’t waste time and get hurt.

Video Demonstration of EVERY Exercise

  • Videos demonstrating each individual exercise.
  • Can’t remember an exercise? Click the exercise title for a video.

Workout Training Templates

•Track the progress of your workouts. Accountability keeps you going in the long haul!

•Never wonder what weight to use or how many reps to perform.

Exercise Guidelines

  • Remove the confusion. Exercise Guidelines show you exactly how to use the Quick Fit Guide. The guesswork is gone.
  • Volume of reps, how to create endless new workouts, the length of each workout, and days per week. I’ve explained it all.

What People Are Saying


Tony 30 – “Even though I used to work out a lot I didn’t see the results I wanted. I felt like my stomach always stuck out no matter how many crunches I did. Now I work out less and have lost weight and am getting back my abs that I used to have when I was younger. It’s been about 3 months, I have also freed up time because I don’t work out near as much as before. It’s amazing how much time I wasting and how many things I was doing wrong.”



Michael 42 – At the age of 42 I found myself feeling softer and more sluggish than I should so I gave the Live Great Fitness program a shot. Before I worked out on the treadmill but didn’t realize my old fitness routine was so ineffective. I now know how to workout and manage my fitness properly.

As a result I feel better than ever, I’m stronger than I was in my twenties, and I get noticed more than before. During an annual conference, a colleague that I hadn’t seen since the previous conference approached me and immediately, said, “wow you look great…not that you didn’t look good before, but not like this” as she waved her hand over my chest and shoulders! I thought, Thanks Luke.


The Quick Fit Guide is properly named because it’s the FASTEST way to start exercising effectively to lose weight, get fit, and start Living Great.

I truly want you to see what Living Great is all about. To feel what waking up with endless energy is like.To see a physique in the mirror you’re proud of having. I want you to build confidence to feel like you can take on the world and do anything!!! That all starts by taking action and becoming healthy and fit!

Because of that, the Quick Fit Guide is INCREDIBLY affordable!


Receive the entire Live Great Fitness Quick Fit Guide for only




bryanfinalBryan- 15 Pounds Lost, More Energy, and On His Way to Abs!

Prior to starting the Live Great Fitness program my long-standing routine of an hour of cardio and weight lifting 6 days per week was not effective. Despite all that hard work, I didn’t see the results I was after. And because of using incorrect form, I injured my shoulders. Learning that 80% of my physique goals could be achieved through good eating habits, and the rest through smart exercise, I had serious doubts. Don’t you have to starve and kill yourself in the gym in order to be fit? I’m happy to say I was wrong!

Luke’s in-depth knowledge of how the body works, along with an arsenal of unique yet simple exercises got me off to a great start. Understanding how to correctly do a few simple and basic movements has helped me build muscle without continuing to injure myself. I’ve learned to incorporate whole-body movements to make workouts more effective, getting my heart rate up and building a strong core along the way.
With some smart changes in my diet, and working out only three days per week I began to see positive changes quickly. I feel better. I have more energy. I’ve gotten back hours of my life that I used to waste in the gym. And in two months, I’ve lost over 15 pounds while building good muscle! I can see the makings of those abs that have eluded me for so long!”

Julian Julian- 50 Pounds Lost, Positive Outlook, and Feeling Amazing!

“I have been training for around a year and have had amazing results. I’ve lost 50 pounds and still counting. My ultimate goal is to lose 100 pounds and with the training and techniques I’ve learned, I am on my way there.

I have been a serial dieter my entire life. I have tried what seems like everything on the market, from meal replacement shakes, to counting points. Guess what? No fun. Plus, I never had long term results. This is the first time EVER that I have had success losing more than 20 pounds and keeping it off.

When I started training, I was hesitant that I wouldn’t have any success and that I was just going to learn some new techniques to add to my workout routine. I learned the importance of great form and have been continuously challenged by the routines. I have developed a whole new way of eating to support not only weight loss but a healthy lifestyle.

With my new eating habits, I have had more energy, my skin cleared up (had acne for the previous 5 years), my hair grew a ton, and I feel amazing. My attitude towards life has just changed in general. I have a more positive outlook on life, and there’s been a significant change in my attitude at work and In my personal life!”

JoshfinalJosh- Best Shape of His Life and Feeling Great Everyday!

“Even though I have been around for a while, I am new to the world of exercise/fitness. I have explored other fitness programs in hopes I would be inspired to stick with it. This has been the one. The program is thorough, and practical.

Live Great Fitness has truly changed my life. Before this program, I did not know the first thing about a piece of gym equipment or workout routine. After successfully making a change to my life though Live Great Fitness, I have discovered there is more to it than just exercise. It is my mental attitude, diet, and how I workout (techniques). Having an understanding of all three, adhering to the Live Great Program, and making the proper adjustments to my lifestyle, I am in the best shape of my life.

I had no idea that the changing my diet ( I still eat good tasting stuff!), working out with the correct techniques, and the right attitude would take me so ar! Live Great Fitness really has changed my life. it is not as hard as I was making it out to be. I am so grateful I bought the program and gave it a chance!

What is my motivation to keep going…feeling great every day I wake up!”


I made the Quick Fit Guide Incredibly affordable because I don’t want finances to stop you from becoming healthy and fit. To prove I truly believe the program will help you, IF YOU USE IT, I offer a 30 day no questions asked guarantee.Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the program, no problem, send me an email and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

The Quick Fit Guide is delivered digitally, so you can start TODAY, in a matter of minutes!

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About Luke: Owner of LiveGreatFitness.com

Bachelor of Science Exercise Science, Kinesiology. Illinois State University.

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

Strength Coach and Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Work with clients doing.
  • Weight loss and lifestyle training
  • Corrective Exercise and Rehab with Post Surgical Clients
  • Postural Correction and movement based training with clients in chronic pain
  • Sport Performance with Professional Runners, Triathletes, and Mixed Martial Artists